What should I expect from my first healing session?

Energy work can be incredibly relaxing, but can also come across as "draining" if there is a lot of energy manipulation taking place. Most often people first treatment is because of an active scenario, meaning a lot of manipulation needs to take place. Water is a conductor of energy and is recommended to drink before and after the session.

Do you help treat terminal or chronic illness?

Legally first and foremost, I cannot recommend my services before that of a medical professional. A lot of times our body requires certain elements, and yes that can include modern day medicine. If you wish to visit an alternative method, energy healing is also a great addition.

How should I prepare for my first energy healing?

Relax, this experience is meant to be pleasant, and your body need not worry. Because water is a conductor of energy, I ask the client try and have a glass or two of water before the appointment.

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing. Think about the outfit you wear while meditating etc. loose relaxed clothing, no shoes or belt when on the table.

Do you touch my body when doing a session?

Generally no. I work with your energy field just above your body. I will ask ahead of time your level of comfort, on the chance I may need to do contact healing during the session.

What happens if I fall asleep?

You won't be the first and you won't be the last. Our body can often enter a state of rest during a healing, and it allows for our "on guard" energy field to relax and be pampered.

How many sessions do you recommend?

I never recommend any definite amount of sessions, as things change. Most people like to book a monthly visit for upkeep. If there is a specific issue, then it may be more beneficial to see you once a week. It depends on your experience and what works for you.

Do you have gift cards?

Currently I do not have a gift card option.

Do you offer packages?

Yes. When you buy 5 or more sessions at one time, you get 10% off the total cost. Packages are not transferable.

Covid-19 and healing.

All sessions are as safe as we can make it. You will be required to answer some questions based on your health. The table and cover is sanitized before and after every session. I wear a mask throughout the session, the client may choose to wear the mask or not, based on their own comfort level.